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We put up a basketball goal from Goalsetter basketball, All – American height adjustable basketball goal. It can adjust from 6′ to 10′ feet. So it makes this basketball goal perfect for all ages! It has a minimizes shake, 60′ backboard, protective paint & it is easy to install!

We started with digging a hole which had to be almost 5 feet so we had to bring out the BIG daddy-auger to help us and we got it done! I would say this is the hardest part! Digging the hole! Once we got the hole done, then you have to make sure it is set with concrete and let it set for 24 hours!

Once the pole is set, then you can start setting up the basketball goal. You will need a few people to help you carry the pole to help you set it up. Once you get the pole where it needs to be then you can work on the other parts that need to be on the goal like the “arms” on the goal and the backboard which was the heaviest part of the whole basketball goal. You definitely will need at-least 3-4 people to help you lift the backboard onto the pole. This is the part where the kids said “Ohhhhhhh it’s finished” although we still had a few more things to do. I grew up having a basketball goal so this brings back so many memories playing “horse” & “pig” so it is fun teaching my boys what those fun games are.

We finished off by putting the goal on and the net and the boys were so excited! The basketball goal is so heavy and will last forever. The quality of the goal is nothing like I have seen before. Not to mention you can lower the goal for smaller kids and you can raise the goal up to 10 feet for adults! They were ready to play some hoops! This was such a great collaboration with Goalsetter basketball and my boys will cherish the basketball goal for life. From two years old to when they are grown up, we plan to use this goal forever. This basketball goal will definitely create great memories in our home & we can’t want to have more fun outside!

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