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Oh what fun wallpaper!

Do you remember the wallpaper days and it was cringing to look at & to put up on the wall? Well, wallpaper sure has come a very long way! Wallpaper now is super simple to put up and the colors and designs are unimaginable!

Milton & King has the most beautiful wallpaper I have ever seen! I did a little closet/ makeup DIY project and Milton & King helped me make this space gorgeous!

This is the space when I started. This is in my closet and I wanted something for myself where I could put my makeup on everyday. I wanted to keep it simple but I wanted something fun for this space. Its a super small space so I knew the wallpaper would look amazing!

We started out with the kanoko wallapaper, which did not take very long to do. We put the paste (which comes with the instructions) when you buy the wallpaper it tells you which kind to buy. We put the paste on the wall and stuck the wallpaper on the wall. If you mess up, you can take it down and re do it.

The wallpaper took about an hour to do. I wanted to add shelves to this little nook & a desk so I could sit at as well. This little nook became easily a favorite spot in my house!

We framed out the shelves & they are hollow inside. We just took wood and cut the size and how wide I wanted the shelves and nailed it into the wall. I painted the shelves & the desk pure white by Sherwin Williams. I knew whatever decor & mirror I wanted in this nook, I wanted to make sure you still could see as much wallpaper as possible.


As far as the decor I added, EVERYTHING I had was around my house. I shopped my house so I did not have to spend any money on anything except the wood!

Overall, I think this project turned out great! Milton & King has some of the best wallpapers I have ever seen! They have 100’s of options! They have so many different colors & patterns you can pick from! Thank you Milton & King for working with me & allowing me to use your wallpaper to update this boring space!

Cost of project: $68 (lumber, had to buy a few nicer pieces for the desk top)

As always, thank you for stopping by!




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