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Orange Beach, Alabama– Family Beach Trip!

Hey guys! I had a bunch of questions about our trip that we just took & thought I would answer all the questions here for you guys!

We go to Orange Beach, Alabama with my moms side of the family every year! We have been doing that for the last 5 years! My moms sister’s family has been doing it a lot longer but we decided to join them 5 years ago! There is a lot of us– 26 of us so it’s a lot of chaos but a TON of family fun!

If you guys have never been to Orange Beach, Alabama I highly recommend it ! We have some of the prettiest beaches here in Alabama!  I have traveled to a bunch of beaches out of the country & we seriously do have some of the best beaches! Not to mention its about a 4 1/2 hour drive for us so its not a terrible drive!

My moms sister gets a condo (4 bedroom) & we get a 3 bedroom condo to sleep our family+ my grandmother, my mom & my brother got to come this year also! We stay at Phoenix West ii every year! It is such a nice condo & has so much to offer on the property! It has a big pool, lazy river, indoor pool, hot tubs, work out room, & a small club you can get food!

They also have grills on the property that you can grill with your family! We did this one night with all 26 of us & we had the best time!

We eat at the condo for breakfast & lunch but we do get dinner at night!

Here are some of the places we have eaten at and I highly recommend them!

The Gulf

Tacky Jacks

Cobalt ** Our favorite

Shrimp Basket

Doc’s seafood


Harbor Grill

The Hangout

I know this is only a few restaurants, but these are a few that we always go to every year & the food is always so wonderful! Just plan to wait for hours to be seated!

We always are at the beach & pool as long as possible so we never adventure out to Putt-putt or go-karts but thats always something fun to do with family!

Sometimes during the summer, they will have concerts at The Wharf which is a blast for a date night!

Shopping is always so much fun too! They have so many souvenir shops & they have an outlet mall which is fantastic!  Tanger Outlets is a huge outdoor mall where you can score some really awesome deals!

Orange Beach is really a great family oriented place for your family beach trip! I would highly recommend going if you have never been!

As always thanks for reading!



  1. Lucy says:

    Wow! You have one big beautiful family!
    I hope one day I get to go there when I can afford cause my niece’s family doesn’t have room for me or they just want to spend with their family only.I would love to be on beaches.

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