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Hey guys!

I get to work with some of the greatest companies and one that I have gotten to work with a few times is Pfister Faucets! Pfister Faucets carry a wide range of items from faucets for kitchen, bathrooms, towel rack holders, toilet paper holders & shower heads.

I got the pleasure with working with Pfister Faucets for our basement bathroom. This bathroom was nothing but wood & studs! We went from putting up drywall, tile, painting, building a vanity & adding gorgeous accent pieces with Pfister Faucet to tie in all the work we put into it.

This is where we started.

and this is the bathroom completely finished!

Pfister Faucets sent me these gorgeous Tuscan Bronze Faucet.

They are so beautiful and I love how they look in our bathroom!

They also sent me the shower head and the shower knob which totally transformed the whole shower to make it look amazing! The Tuscan Bronze shower head makes it pop on the white tile in the shower!

Did you know that Pfister faucet also carry toilet paper holders as well? Well, they do and its just a beautiful at the rest of the items as well! Bronson Paper Holder are great if you want to make a small change in your bathroom and I love that it comes in different finishes as well!

We finished off by the  Bronson Towel bar in Tuscan Bronze to finish off this bathroom! This bathroom would have not been completed with out these gorgeous finishes from Pfister Faucets.

Thank you Pfister Faucets for allowing me to use your products in my home and allowing me to finish our bathroom with your outstanding products. They stand by their products at how amazing the quality is. You can order online or they even have products in your nearest Home Depot!






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