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Coton Colors baby line

Coton Colors has come out with a new baby line that i’m excited to tell yall about, but first I want to tell you a little bit about Coton Colors first! Coton Colors is a retail store that you can go in & shop in person or online. They have everything from dinnerware, mugs, cooking & kitchen, wedding gifts & personalize items you can create! They just came out with a new baby line that I am excited to tell yall about! The new baby line is a line that is totally made from complete love! Everything I got from the line is so well made & you can tell that someone wanted to make sure that the blanket & the swaddle would last a long time.

The new baby line comes in different colors depending on if you have a boy or a girl. They have a cute giraffe rattle, a knitted lovey, soft knitted blanket & a gingham swaddle which is perfect to wrap your baby in!

As you can see, my sweet Traxton is loving all these sweet baby items and he really loves his lovey and rattle since he sleeps with both of those every single night. I also know that these baby items would make great baby gifts & I know someone else’s baby would love them as much as my Traxton does!

It’s really hard to come across good quality baby items these days that will last a really long time. I know that if you purchase something from Coton Colors your baby will love everything & the quality of the items will hold up. I know you will not be disappointed when you receive your baby items because you will love them as much as we do! Make sure you stop by the Coton Colors online store if you are not near one!

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