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Happy Everything Calendar

I have been on the organizing train and one of the things I have been needing is a calendar so I don’t forget appointments & parties that are coming up in that month.

One of my favorite things in my home is my happy everything platter which has interchangeable attachments & they make this great calendar that is magnetic also! Happy Everything dry erase calendar is one of the best calendars I have ever owned. Also, did I mention you can add the cutest mini attachments on the calendar to make it more personalized?


I love the size of the calendar because you can fit all your appointments on the dry erase magnetic calendar without having to squeeze everything in a small area. Also, one of my favorite things about the calendar is all the attachments you can add to the calendar! I really love how you can pick any small attachment & put it on the calendar!


You really can dress up this calendar & make it super fabulous with all the 100’s of attachments you can pick from or you can keep it simple and just write down your appointments on the calendar. I hope you find this calendar as great as I do when you buy your own happy everything calendar!

I hope you get happy when you stop by the happy everything website because they truly have the most amazing products & as always, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!





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