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Have you ever wanted a really cool conversation piece in your home? Enjoy the Wood is a really cool map that is such a great conversation piece in your home! For us, we put it up in our office & we love looking at it everyday!

What is Enjoy the Wood? It is a website where you can go pick out a map of the world, in any color & in any size and you can add pins where you have been around the world! Cool right? All the maps are in 3D which means they will stick off the wall a little bit but still looks pretty awesome on the wall!

You can see how awesome this looks & would really look cool anywhere in someones house! I picked out the color dark walnut, size XL, & option prime. The prime just means that I wanted all the wording on the map which make it easier to see where you have been! When you are putting up the map 4 pieces will come with the map so you know how big to make the map. You measure the wall and mark all 4 corners with the pieces they sent you so the map is portion to the walll & is not to big or to small. This really helped putting the pieces up! They also give you some tape that will go on each piece of map that you can stick to the wall! Putting up the map takes about 2 hours so grab some wine & call it a date night & have fun putting up this gorgeous map!

Here comes the fun part- the flag push pins! I feel like this is the coolest part about the map! You can buy these flag push pins, which they do have different types of push pins you can pick from! I went with the push pins that have the state/ countries flag on them! So each country you have been too, you add a push pin to the map! This was our favorite part about putting up the map! You can really see where you have been and really makes the map stand out even more!

Look at how awesome these pins look in the map! I cant wait to add more pins to our map as we travel as a family! If you are looking for a great conversation piece for your wall, this map is to die for!

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